blurb - posted on April 26, 2016 by

Culture Maven


So I slipped over to the Lagniappe Stage in the Fairgrounds’ Paddock area, where the groups are always lesser known and quirkier.

To check out big voiced Darcy Malone & the Tangle.

This was girl group, Top 40 meets Ornette Coleman, New Orleans nouveau Power Pop. (To make up a genre and try to describe the smile inducing music.)

The guitar player plays actual fills and solos, instead of simple strums as in most pop music these days.

And the very hot sax and keyboard player, a kid named Jagon Eldrich, which I know because his mom was sitting in front of me, and I retrieved her phone when it fell out of her pocket.

As proud mom kvelled, son just got his Masters in Music at LSU.

And he was stylin’ in pink and black, with long hair, looking like he might have played in some 70s group, like, say, War.